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owe obama is week? do you think it's possible for victory in afghanistan? >> i do. it has to be. bill: are you comfortable with china owning a trillion dollars with u.s. currency? bill: also, new information about the assassin hasan about ho killed 14 people at fort hood. geraldo has been investigating. >> you are hoarding gold in your basement. >> not in my basement. bill: glenn beck has some financial advice for us. can't wait for that. bill: caution, you are about to enter not spin zone. the factor begins right now. [captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight did you know the associated press, america's largest news wire service used 11 reporters to check the accuracy of sarah palin's new book, going rogue? 11. barack obama has had two best selling books. the a.p. did not fact-check either one. spokesman says that's because then senator obama wasn't a major player when his books came out. each when you believe that flimsy excuse, once he did become a pres
. so what is obama to do to keep his big coalition? does he leave his left on the war and health and side in the middle? how does he keep things together when things have changed? how does he dance with the ones that brought him if they're different dances? losing face, bowing to the emperor, getting his speech jammed in china, trying terrorists in new york. is barack obama showing the kind of weakness that gets dreams? trouble? i'm chris matthews. welcome to the show. norah o'donnell is the chief correspondent for msnbc. anne kornblut, joe klein and david ignatius. first up president obama is facing three crushing diffulties, health care, the economy, and afghanistan. he is down to about 50% approval in the polls. that's completely due to his loss of independent voters. they have left him in droves. so for a president in need of support, what is the smart political move with independents on those three biggest issues? first let's take health care. since april, the president has lost independent voters on the key part of his agenda in big numbers. in april, just 25% of independen
. president obama arrived in tokyo overnight, the first stop on a four-nation tour of asia. the president will tackle huge economic and security issues during his trip. >> but he hasn't left the car in afghanistan behind. abc's yunji de nies is traveling with the president. and joins us this morning from tokyo. good morning, yunji. >> reporter: good morning, jeremy and vinita. the president has a lot to talk about. but his main mission on this visit is diplomacy. on his first visit to the regi as president, the white house says he's really here to strengthen relationships. president obama touched down in too, kicking off a week-long, asian tour. where he'll visit four countries and meet with a bevy of world leaders. mr. obama's agenda is broad. international economy, climate change, global security, and the war in afghanistan. while there's plenty to talk about, unlike past presidential trips, there's no concrete agreements expected out of his tour. on his way here, the president stopped in alaska to mt with troops. mr. obama is not expected to announce whether he will send more american
of police firing tear gas at anti-government demonstrators and making several arrests. >>> president obama has a message for iran on this, the anniversary of that well-known hostage crisis. >> in a statement the president says iran needs to choose between focusing on the past or moving toward a brighter future. >> laura setrakian is in the mideast with a look at u.s./iran relations. good morning, lara. >> reporter: good morng, jeremy and vinita. when iranian students stormed the u.s. embassy, taking 63 americans hostage, they drove a wedge into u.s./iranian relations that's lasted more than 30 years. for 444 days the crisis continued. the hostage-takers called their captives guests of the ayatollah. they celebrated the embassy takeover as a victory against imperialism and the american super power. every year on the 4th of november iran's government commemorates the event with rallies against the u.s., the great satan in the eyes of the islamic revolution. this year the scene is more complicated. iran's government is railing against america while it publicly negotiates with the u.s. over it
but no studies show that it does work to - des- dr.- it. >> mpmororning is on president obama and - he - he pr was condu that is generating some inte cb cor sha good morning, bill. >> rep you y-- pres for bein pre toda called the freedom of expression and relidge gone universal ri- - >>> > they should be available to al religious minority whether they are or >> - bro natio mos stu rig- gov but u.- pecked at random from the inter should we be able to use twitter fre- twi he gr- >> npnononsesnsorship and i have a lot of wh-- abou i or - >> r-- twit fpfirir thi exc q&a, has whi the president whether bring up human rights when he meets with chin but there's in denying that oth iran more >> so what is this about he says he- out of that. we' bla but it gave him an open to go ta freedom and it's 3re9 clear that when chance to mention just exactly what we do in the united states that t china. in the-- the minut& >> bill planning with the pres thank you very much. now here's maggie.-- >>> a drug. millions take zetia by merck, but renewing questions about whether it our dr. jennifer ash
means a very big change for one of the shuttle's crew. >>> president obama will announce his new plan for a troop increase in afghanistan tuesday, plus new information on what he might be saying. the troops who may get called to deploy as soon as the end of next month. >> it's like christmas every day. >> this man is a freegan. we'll tell you exactly what that term means. you're watching hln. i'm richelle carey. black friday is in full swing. stores are offering any number of door buster deals to get you and other bargain hunters to open up your wallets. early birds hit some stores on thanksgiving and more retailers opened at midnight. people are snapping up deals, practical gifts and hard-to-find items as well. laptops, cameras, flat panel tvs, gps devices are flying off the shelves. retailers are hoping this season will be the reseverse of last yr which was one of the worst in decades. by tradition black friday is the day shoppers would push stores into profitability for the year, but many customers say they are watching their budget. >> we got here at like 2 a.m. she wanted to brin
at home and abroad, to govern the country. it's a serious challenge for president obama, who soon has to decide whether to send tens of thousands of extra troops to combat the taliban. partly on whether he can trust karzai. many agree it will take more than just military might to meet those goals requiring karzai to live up his promises of boosting his own security forces and provide a table government. jeremy, vinita? >>> attorney general eric holder is taking heat from congress to try top terror suspects in new york city. republican senators argued a civilian trial would give suspected 9/11 mastermind khalid shaikh mohammad and others a world stage for propaganda. they said a civilian jury could acquit him. holder says that will not happen. >>> the senate has finally released a version of the health care reform bill. the total cost, $849 billion over 10 years. senate democrats claim it would cut the deficit by $127 billion. they promise coverage to 94% of americans. democrats say they will raise money for the plan through higher payroll taxes for the rich and taxes on cosmetic
was especially meaningful due to the tragic shootings this month. >> president obama had a quiet dinner at the white house. they hosted family members, close friends and white house staff. among the men knew, oysters, ham, macaroni and cheese and six kinds of pie. >>> a pair of uninvited guests. we are learning more of the northern virginia couple accused of crashing the party. they were among the 300 plus people in attendance. the secret service admits they were not on the guest list. >> once they made it into if white house tuesday night, they wasted no time posing with the vips, but the alleged security announced an investigation. a woman who was once one of his closest friends is not surpred of their attempt to get behind the scenes. >> i have seen different ways they get into places. to me, i found it was very disrespectful. i wasn't surprised. >> reporter: rachel, pictured here says they had a falling out last summer. he friend was intent on being chosen a one of the next "real housewives." >> she likes to be out there. she's very excited about wanting to be on the housewives show
obama's state dinner say they want a six figure payment for an interview. that, at least, is according to a tv executive that spoke to the "associated press" on condition of anonymity. they also told them that tareq and michaele salahi said to get their bids in. >>> looks like black friday ended up being a mixed bag. shoppers flocked to the stores but sales nationwide were up by just .5%. sales are expected to increase by nearly 2% for the entire holiday season. the nation real tail federation predicted more people would go shopping but spent less. tomorrow is cybermonday when many people shop online. >>> we still don't know much about the car accident that send tiger woods to the hospital. he is not talking yet. as susan candiotti reports, that is only fueling the mystery surrounding the incident. >> reporter: the cracked-up front end of what's believed to be tiger woods cadillac suv, photos provided anonymously to cnn affiliate, the shots taken after the golfing phenom crashed into a fire hydrant at the end of his driveway and slammed into the neighbor's tree. >> he was on the ground
is a citizen? i think this was purely political on obama and holder to try to get to george bush and dick cheney. i think this would just enrage the terrorist community. it will just be a circus. circus. they will stand up every other day yelling "alla akbar." it's going to be a circus. host: devon, why don't you react? guest: it's a valid concern. our courts have dealt with these issues. they will deal with these issues in this case. as far as the defendants to get more or less rights in a federal courts, i'm not sure how true that will be. the courts have clearly establishes that the constitution does apply to detainees in guantanamo. it's clear the military decision will be subject to appeal. i'm not sure that it is right that detainee also get more in the realm of rights if you bring them to try in regular federal court than if you bring them to trial in a military commission. host: do we know at any point if these detainees have been mirandized? could this become a technicality they are released on? guest: it's true that they were detained for intelligence purposes which is allowable
of the roadway. lanes have also been closed on a larger freeway. >>> president and mrs. obama hosted their first state dinner at the white house last night. the early buzz seems to indicate it was a pretty smashing success. >> state dinners are steeped in tradition but the obamas came up with their own modern touches. john hendren joins us from washington with more. good morning, john. >> reporter: officially, it was a tribute to india. president obama's debut state dinner was also a tribute to hollywood, bollywood, and washington. it was a bit like an intimate dinner party for nearly 340 of president and first lady obama's closest friends. tonight under the stars we celebrate the spirit that will sustain our partnership, the bonds of friendship between our beam. >> reporter: it was also democratic with a small "d." they held it in a tent, squeezing in twice as many on the south lawn as would have fit in the state dining room. >> even with a big white house like the white house there are only so many people we can invi invite. >> reporter: politicos like senator john kerry and house speaker nanc
. it would enforce those standards for each city's transit system. the obama administration has not come wup a price tag just yet. congress would have to approve the plan. the obama administration's decision to try 9/11 suspects in new york continues to spark security concerns. the alleged 9/11 master mind, khalid shaikh mohammed and four others will stand trial at a civilian court just blocks from ground zero. that means terror suspects will enjoy the same rights as many american accused of a crime. critics argue the trial should be open -- or pardon me. should happen before a military tribunal in guantanamo bay. they claim the plan puts manhattan at greater risk of retaliation from terrorists. >> families are going to have to relive every day the september 11th events. as this trial drags on and on and on it will be an absolutely sickening experience. >> this trial unnecessarily puts the entire city back in the cross hairs of al qaeda. >> some are also worried about a plachb to turn an illinois prison into a detention center that would house guantanamo bay detay knows. illinois governor pa
obama's first state dinner and went on to brag about it. >>> a bounty is put on the head of anyone who shoots and kills a child in one city. the reward is there on the billboard. why one reverend says this had to be done. plus -- >> well, i'm here for two laptops and a plasma tv. >> even before the turkey is even in the oven, bargain hunters are already in line to cash in on black friday. is this crazy or what? >>> first, though, you want to talk about crazy, the secret service is trying to figure out how a couple crashed tuesday's state dinner. the reality show wannabes were reportedly not on the guest list but somehow got in. agents say the couple went through scanners and that president obama was never in danger but a former white house security adviser says the couple could face some serious charges for lying to federal officials. >> this is a pretty serious crime not to mention as you say it's a threat. they would have been screened and not had weapons on them but of course once you're into the state dinner, there are knifes and forks and cutlery and literally we've seen pictures
>>> welcome to 9 news now at noon. i'm j.c. hayward. >>> president obama is telling chinese leaders there's nothing to fear from a little criticism. during a town hall meeting, he urged them to stop censoring access to the internet. joel brown has more from the white house. >> reporter: just hours before sitting down with chinese president, the president obama suggested the communist country stop blocking some websites. >> i'm a big supporter of noncensorship. >> reporter: most of the questions at this town hall meeting with students were polite expressions of chinese government policy, but one chosen from on-line sub mixes opened the door for discussion on human rights. the question is should we be able to use twitter freely. facebook and twitter are blocked in china by what is known as the great fire wall. >> i'm a big supporter of not restricting internet use, internet access, other information technologies like twitter. the more open we are, the more we can communicate. >> reporter: few people saw those comments in china. the forum was only televised locally. the president went
the obama administration wants to take over the regulations for subway and light rain systems. the crashes show that the states agencieies aren't doing a good enough job. >>> a new parking garage will open this morning at the station in northeast washington. the garage can hold up to 333 vehicles. it replaces a parking lot with the same number of spots. >>> we have a commuter alert for vre riders this morning. they will have full service this morning. fredericksburg line trays were supposed to be delayed this morning because of work. >>> we haven't been able to say this on a monday morning for a while, but the redskins won. they beat the broncos, 27-17. it was the first time this season they have scored more than 17 points. lindsey is going to show us what happened. >>> repaying all of the bailout billions. >> you think your credit card bills are high. >>> plus, learning more about sarah palin's new book. who is calling it, now, a work of fiction. >>> and seeking a higher power. >>> time for weather and traffic on the ones. now at 5:11, a clear sky. a little bit of fog in fed rick county.
. republicans won two states that backed president obama just a year ago. cbs national correspondent jeff glor is here with the latest on the numbers. good morning, sir. >> hey, harry, good morning to you. independent voters who supported president obama in 2008 broke heavily for republicans in yesterday's elections and that helped republicans win the governors races in new jersey and virginia. in new jersey chris christie unseated jon corzine in a bitterly fought contest. >> this election was and is about the future of the state we love, the great state of new jersey. >> governor jon s. corzine. >> reporter: corzine was blamed by some voters for the state's ailing economy and the highest in the nation property taxes. independent voters were key, backing christie two to one over corzine. in virginia independent voters by that same margin put conservative bob mcdonnell in the governor's office. >> eight months ago i applied for the job of governor of virginia. tonight, you have hired me. thank you. >> reporter: the gubernatorial races have been closely watched as a p
this afternoon, president obama called pollin generous, committed and said he was proud to have abe pollin as a friend. >>> we know the details of the funeral for abe pollin. friday at 11:30 at the washington hebrew congregation located at 3935 mccomb street in northwest washington and it will be open to the public. >>> a local soldier who was killed in the shooting at ft. hood was laid to rest with full military honors today at arlington national cemetery. major caravejo w an army psychiatrist from woodbridge preparing to deploy to afghanistan when he was killed november 5th. he was 52 years old and is survived by his wife and five children. >>> there is a massive recall from the world's largest automaker to tell you about. toyota says it needs to replace the gas pedals in nearly 4 million of its cars and trucks. those gas pedals can get stuck causing sudden acceleration and sometimes deadly results. krislacken has the latest. >> reporter: a gas pedal like this one stuck in the floor mat caused alexiso reach speeds of 120 miles per hour. it slammed into an suv, launched off an embankment
and afghanistan. at the white house this afternoon press secretary robert gates said president obama is being kept up to date on the mass killing. we are expecting to hear from the president live at any time. again, the fbi is headed to fort hood. they are there now to investigate. was there has a warning or threat before the attacks. we don't know. homeland official security is saying they cannot confirm a motive behind the shooting. we're standing by for the president at any time now. he was previously scheduled to appear at an event and we are expecting h imto make comments about to the's shooting. 12 people killed at ford hood, the largest u.s. army post here in the united states. >> bob, you mentioned the graduation ceremony that was about to take place this afternoon. had families already begun arriving. were there more people on post than normal? >> reporter: we believe so. because of central standard time we believe the ceremony was supposed to start a half hour after the shooting. you have to believe there were a lot of people there on post. we expect the president to speak about this mom
is the mother's boyfriend and he said he was at home when the girl was taken. >>> president obama is in beijing right now, part of his eight-day trip to asia and meeting with china president hujintao. he pushed for greater freedoms in china. >> i see china's future in you. young people whose talent and dedication and dreams will do so much to help shape the 21st century. i said many times that i believe that our world is now fundamentally interconnected. the jobs we do, the prosperity we build and the environment we protect and the security that we seek all of these things are shared. >> president obama will also visit china's great wall today. >>> the fbi used equipment like ground penetrating radar at that house in cleveland where 11 bodies were found. we could see more digging this week at anthony sowell's house and store. the search also has expanded four houses down. >> they found bones about this long. they come running in the house bringing them in the house with their bare hands talking about, look what we found. >> police aren't say figure they actually found anything. but anthony sowe
focused on local issues. but the fact is, democrats lost in two states where president obama won last year. in new jersey, republican chris christie beat governor john corzine by four points. it wasn't even close in virginia. republican robert mcdonnell won by more than 17 points over democrat creigh deeds. however, democrat bill owens did win a house street in upstate new york that republicans have held since 1872. that race got a lot of attention after several national figures-- including sarah palin-- backed the conservative party candidate. here in new york city, billionaire mayor mike bloomberg won a third term, but his five-point margin of victory was much closer than expected. and in maine, 53% voted to repeal a new law that would have legalized same-sex marriages. so what does all this mean? for that we turn the best political team in the business. bob schieffer is chief washington correspondent and the host of "face the nation." jeff greenfield is our chief political correspondent. jeff, the spin cycle is on overdrive today by both sides, but when you look at the results what is y
? >> you know what, he hasn't failed since barack obama came into office. he was part of the team that failed over the past decade. i mean, god, you've got larry summers, who in '99 pushed legislation that led to where we are today, and geithner was there. for some reason, the one guy who's an outsider that could actually -- is outside the club, volcker, they don't talk to him. and i asked yesterday, i asked our little 17-year-old friend at "the new york times," andrew ross sorkin, who's written the best book on this. i said, why don't the obama people let volcker in the room because he could clean it up? you know what he said, he's not in the club. it's a small club, mike barnicle. it's a club that allows huge errors by these bankers and then give huge bonuses. people are angry. >> people are angry. the aig bonuses, goldman sachs bonuses, people are sick of it. i had an idea in new orleans yesterday walking around that they ought to take the government of the united states, including the secretary of the treasury, president of the united states, speaker of the house, the senate p
. let's try something new. nude pics. send me some. text me. >>> looming decision. president obama sounds closer than ever to unveiling his afghanistan war strategy. >> it is my intention to finish the job. >> he'll announce his decisions in a speech next tuesday. >>> be flexible. that's what an expert has told me about saving some money and finding the best travel deals during the holiday season. >>> and the winner is -- ♪ >> well, let's just say there's a new "dancing with the stars" champion and we'll tell you who it is coming up. it's wednesday, november 25th. >> from abc news, this is "world news now." >> while i like the winner, the person i was rooting for didn't win. >> but the song you like was on the show, right? >> i was joking saying i wanted this song to be worked in somehow. whitney sang it last night. excellent job david banfield. >> you got your first request. >> i did. the list continues. >> we will get to find out who won the show coming up in just a few minutes. >> good morning and thanks for being with us. i'm vinita nair. >> i'm jeremy hubbard. >>> president
this. >>> two suspected parry crashers got closer to president obama than originally thought. now the secret service is talking about how they got in. hey, there. thanks for having us over. i'm virginia cha, this is hln. we hope your weekend is going well. the number one golfer in the world is recovering from a car accident. patrol officers plan to interview tiger woods today. he was treated and released from the hospital after crashing his car in to a tree near his home early yesterday morning. here is what we know about this accident at this point. after the crash, his wife told police she used a golf club to break the back window of tiger's suv to pull him out. paramedics say when he got there he was in and out of consciousness had cuts to his lower and upper lip and had blood on his mouth. it was not alcohol-related. we talked to the police chief about this crash. >> reporter: why did his wife have to bash it in with the golf club? >> what i understand, she said the doors were locked so she could not gain entry. >> reporter: she had a golf club with her at the time? >> i don't
fight over the war of after span. what president obama now do over the war with democrats. clayton: it is the busiest shopping day of the year. hundreds of thousands. they're lining up, looking for those bargains and looking for those deals. we will have the latest on that as well. ainsley: and happy birthday to tim pawlenty. he is turning 49 today. ⌟axozp7óú+l'?p clayton: welcome back to "fox & friends." fox news alert. the governor of afghanistan's kandahar province narrowly escaped an assassination attempt this morning. a roadside bomb exploded as he was on his way to a mosque for friday's prayers. the car was damaged but the governor escaped unharmed. kandahar is an important piece of battle for afghanistan. the city is focused to be the focus of additional build-up of tens out of thousands of troops there. underscores what we heard on tuesday as the president lays out his plans for afghanistan. rick: the top military commander on the ground has asked for around 40,000 troops. the president not expected to give him that number completely. the estimates right now are report
day long. >>> difficult decisions. the world awaits president obama's military plans for afghanistan after an unexpected political move. >>> then, cleveland murders. six dead women found in one home. a suspect's disturbing background. >>> and, millionaire fair. who's catering to the ultra-rich during a recession. >> everybody's talking about the crisis but we don't feel it. >> it's monday, november 2nd. >> from abc news, this is "world news now." >> you recovering from all the candy this weekend? >> i didn't have that much. i see you've got a stockpile. >> i knew people were going to bring in candy. a good amount next to my desk. >> that's my favorite too, the kit kat. you're going to have to share that. >> i'll give you some. one kit kat. >> i'm vinita nair. >> i'm jeremy hubbard. >>> it now appears hamid karzai will be the president of afghanistan for the next five years. his main challenger heading into a runoff election has dropped out. abdullah abdullah made the surprising announcement over the weekend. >> secretary of state hillary clinton says the administration will work with
get ready to spend thanksgiving in space. >>> president obama raises the issue of human rights abuses in china. but tries not to offend his host. i'm joel brown at the white house. coming up. >>> and we take you out with a live picture from sky 9. right now, it is springfield and our crew is looking for news tonight. we will bring you anything they find as soon as they find it. >>> a good start to the week on wall street. the dow closed up 136 1/2 points. the nasdaq rose almost 30 points. and the s&p 500 finished the day about 16 points higher. >>> packed was the word of the day for president obama on his first trip to china. he delicately tried to urge chinese leaders to stop censoring some web sites without offending his host. >>> joel brown has more on the president's careful case for free speech. >> reporter: president obama had just arrived in china when he was faced with a delicate issue of human rights. >> should he would be able to use twitter freeliy is the question? >> reporter: the u.s. ambassador to china says the question on chinese censorship was submitted online for thi
a tough fight. president obama said he is looking forward to a thorough and productive debate. brian moore, nbc news, washington. >> "meet the press" moderator,dayid gregory, says this. >> what is the future of the public option. liberals in the senate want to see it in there. you heard it, whether it's blanche lincoln or who ever, you have to find some way to water it down. the president has to exert leapership and there is a possibility for a backup plan, and it could be triggered down the line if there is not enough competition in the system. >> david gregory will have more on last night's vote this morning on "meet the press." you can catch that at 10:30 this morning on "meet the press." >>>. >>> a clinic will open in about an hour, and people started to line up at 4:15 this morning. 5,000 vaccines will be given out. joining me is the county health director. good morning. >> we are prepared today to give out 5,000 doses, and so it's for all of the priority groups eligible to come today. >> who is supposed to come today. who would you want to see get the vaccine? >> we are still focusin
's a vikt fi for president obama's top domestic priority. the house of representatives has approved a health care reform plan but it was a close call. the measure passed with only two votes to spare, and one of them came from a republican. the fight over health care reform now moved to the senate. so, what's in the health care bill that the house passed? well, perhaps the most controversial part of the bill that it does contain the so-called public option. the government would sell insurance to those who can't find it elsewhere. the congressional budget office predicts those premiums would be more expensive than insurance from private companies, but many people would be eligible for government subsidies to help pay for that coverage. other provisions of the bill would ban insurers from denying coverage to people just because of pre-existing conditions. the house bill also contains strict bans on using federal money to pay for abortions. congressman john dingle, a longtime proponent of national health insurance, projects that the bill will extend health care coverage to 96% of americans. >>>
advisers tuesday, president obama will announce the new strategy in afghanistan at the prime time steech at the west point military academy. he will layout his plans and announce how many troops he will send there to try to achieve it. next month the president will attend a climate change summit in denmark. he is offered to set a goal to cut emissions by 17% below 2005 levels by 2020. the u.s. hasn't committed itself to any legally binding goals. the president will go to denmark the day before. he will go to oslo to accept the noble paez prize. >>> you are looking at pictures of airport travelers on this second busiest travel day of the year. as expected, the crowds are huge. the lines are long where people are headed out for the thanksgiving holiday and the weather in some areas could be making things kind of bad. you might have to wait a little bit. meteorologist bonnie schneider joins us with a latest where i understand a state where it's usually like fantastic, folks like to fwrag brag about their weather, it's raining. >> you're right if sunshine state has wet and windy weather righ
. speaking of george bush, in an analysis speec, looks at the lae obathe way obama goes about the decision making process. later on, there is a quote from lawrence wilkerson, a retired army colonel. let's get to your thoughts on what we are learning that the president will in fact add more troops to afghanistan. we will hear from sam from west new york, new jersey. caller: it is time to get out of afghanistan and iraq. doing a war on terrorism with our mighty military might, with tanks and planes this kind of like trying to exterminate cockroaches with a sledgehammer. it is absolutely pointless. what happened on 9/11 was more of a crime that it was an act of war. >> how do you generally fill about the use of u.s. troops. are you almost always against it, or is of the circumstances here? guest: it is the circumstances here. after 9/11, i was almost in support of what bush wanted to do in going in iraq. after the anger fades, you have to look reality end use reason. that is why i like obama. he goes with his gut. host: thank you. scott, independent. caller: good morning. host: good morning.
. >>> president obama admitted for the first time that his january deadline to close guantanamo bay will not be met while the attorney general was grilled on capitol hill. >> scott thuman has the tough questions that mr. holder had to answer. >> this was no easy appearance before eric holder, he had to defend his decision to bring suspects of the 9/11 attack to a trial in new york city as opposed to a military court in cuba. there is no shortage of critics. >> i think he is making a fundamental mistake. >> instantly on the hot seat, eric holder was asked why bring five terrorists suspects including the alleged 9/11 mastermind to new york for trial. >> he has already asked to plead guilty and be executed. >> i am not going to base a determination on what a terrorist, what a murderer wants to do. >> holder tried to assure lawmakers there would be no acquittal. >> failure is not an option. these are cases that have to be won. >> i do not know how you could make a statement that failure to convict is not an option when you have juries in this country. i think a lot of americans thought
. >>> the white house says president obama is ready to announce his new afghanistan strategy within days. but will his decision which took months to make cost him politically? bill plant has more on that. good morning, bill. >> reporter: good morning. the long wait is over. the president has made his decision on afghanistan. and he'll tell the nation about it mix week. last night's session with his war council is 1k3eg9ed to be the final one before the president announces both an afghanistan surge and an exit strategy. >> i characterized a decent part of it as not just how we get people there, but what's the strategy forgetting them out. >> reporter: the u.s. commander in afghanistan, jp stanley mcchrystal, has recommended 40,000 additional troops. many military officials expect mcchrystal to get most but not all of the requested troops. tween 20,000 and for 30,000. a new cbs news poll shows 69% of americans think the war is going badly. and only 36% believe more u.s. troops would make things better. >> we've been at this since 2003. we have spent a lot of money, we've lost a lot of live
you. >>> meanwhile, president barack obama says he'll make a decision within weeks about whether to send more troops to afghanistan. top adviser david axelrod says mr. obama is going through a rigorous decision making process because he wants to make sure the united states has the right strategy in afghanistan. the decision is being complicated by the presidential election problems in that country. the president karzai's opponent in saturday's runoff pulled out of the race citing corruption. >>> word that the squien flu vaccine shortage may be coming to an end. white house officials expect 10 million more doses to be available within the next week. the same obama adviser, david axelrod said that will end the shortage in somestates. they could have 40 million doses available by the end of october but, instead, only 28 million doses have been released. >>> election day is the day after tomorrow in the commonwealth and the latest poll gives republican bob mcdonald's nell bob mcdonald's 53% favored mcdonald's nell and 41% chose deeds. that's a wider lead than back in october. mcdonne
and then head to president obama for his signature. every day, 7,000 people lose their jobless benefits. maureen burns had been out of work for more than a year and was about to become one of them. >> it was getting a little scary. >> reporter: but she recently scored a temporary job at a financial services company, which could turn permanent. still, maureen knows all too well how it feels to scrape by. >> you know your stomach starts to churn when you you go into the supermarket and you really can't afford to buy much. >> reporter: we'll get a better idea of how many people are in situations leak maureen's later today. the government releases its weekly report on new jobless claims. on friday, the national unemployment rate comes out. that figure is expected to inch closer to 10%, possibly reaching a fresh 26-year high. lawmakers say the cost of the bill will be paid for by delaying or adjusting other laws and taxes. michelle? >> all right, whit squon son in washington. whit, thanks for the update. >>> president obama is expected to visit capitol hill tomorrow to push the case for health care r
and west germany and came down 20 years ago today. >>> president obama tries to get middle east peace back on track during a meeting this evening with israeli prime minister netanyahu. relations between the two countries have been strained since israel refused to a u.s. demand to stop building west bank settlements. >>> subways and buses are rolling again in philadelphia and its suburbs. a nearly week-long transit strike ended overnight. >>> and it is officially barack obama day in central alabama. perry county is marking one year since the election of barack obama as the nation's first black president. in addition to a parade there government offices are closed and county employees get a paid holiday. >>> for some of you your local news is next. >>> for everyone else, "america this morning" continues after this. - once, during a difficult time in my life, my mom gave me some advice. to love, to hope, to the world. those words changed my life and inspired my open hearts collection at kay jewelers. kay was the perfect choice to help me and eternal. you were right, mom. keep your heart open,
. hood, texas. >>> president obama called the house vote on health care reform courageous. the house passed the herb by the slimmest of margins on saturday, but even some house members who voted for the will say the vote against a final version inside amendments are made. and in the senate, contentious issues like the pin option and abortion look to derail the bill even before the debate begins. tara mergener is in washington with details. good morning. >> reporter: good morning about. well, as you know, there was a lot of drama leading up to that very close house vote. next stop, the senate. >> the bill is passed. >> reporter: house democrats have managed to squeeze new a health care reform bill, but that may have been the easy part. >> the house bill is dead on arrival in the senate. >> reporter: under the house plan, 36 million uninsured americans would get coverage. the bill would cost $1.2 trillion over ten years. but it will cut $400 billion from medicare costs. opponents argue the measure will cost job, raise insurance rates and lead to huge tax increases. the senate needs mor
and why this happened. this grieving community will pause tuesday as thousands, including president obama, are expected to gather here for a memorial to honor the injured and fallen. jay gray, nbc news, ft. hood. >> officials still refuse to say tonight whether hasan is talking to investigators. >>> at least 91 people are dead, many more are missing. hurricane ida ravaged el salvador last night. heavy rains and 90 mile per hour winds caused massive flooding and mud slides. 7,000 people are in shelter. the death toll is expected to rise as rescue workers make their way into hard to reach areas devastated by the storm. >>> meanwhile people here in the united states are preparing for the possibility hurricane ida could hit the gulf coast. chuck's here with more on that. >> that's right. yes, indeed. a clear sky over washington right now. we are watching out for all eyes on ida down in the gulf coast. let's go ahead and check out our weather graphics computer. all eyes on ida, indeed. watches and warnings have already been posted. tropical storm and hurricane watches and warnings posted along
dinner, the first for the obama administration. it looks like time has shown, not exactly gaffe free. dan lothian, thanks. this state dinner breach has a lot of people wondering about the kind of security that's usually in place for white house guests. here's more in an a.m. extra. typically, visitors have to provide the white house with personal information, well ahead of time. things like your date of birth and social security number. once you arrive, there are two security checkpoints to clear that require i.d.s and metal detector screening. our own dr. sanjay gupta attended tuesday night's event. we asked him if he thought it was possible for someone to simply slip past security. >> it seems quite possible. that first checkpoint was the time that people were sort of getting scrutinized the most. a lot of times, the social secretary was there and sort of recognized people and then scratched names off a clipboard, literally. but i'll tell you, it was pretty crowded right outside the east gate. that's where everyone entered at that time. some people were driving up, some people were walk
. with this new surge of forces. >> i'm chris wallace and this is "fox news sunday." >> president obama will announce his plan tuesday night in a speech to the nation from west point. senator kyl, what will you be listening for? what do you want to hear in the president's speech? >> first of all, i want to hear the details. will he follow the recommendations of general petraeus and general mcchrystal in moving at least 40,000 troops into the area as quickly as possible? and the other two key elements, both the political and economic almosts, of counter insurgency. secondly, talk of an exit strategy is exactly the wrong way to go. i hear that in the media. i certainly hope the president doesn't do that. all that does is signal to the enemies and also to our allies, to the folks in pakistan as well as the afghanis, that we're not there to stay until the mission is accomplished. and they've got to know that we will be there for them until the mission is accomplished or they'll make other arrangements and it won't be to our benefit. >> senator bayh? >> chris, this is a very complex situatio
, president obama continues his tour of asia with a visit to china. his first trip there as president. he's making with the president hugh gin t beijing. earlier today he spoke at a town hall meeting. >> reporter: the president spoke to the chinese about the idea of rights and the chinese saw what has become a main stay of american politics. [ applause ] >> good afternoon. >> reporter: and it would be a good afternoon to the president. engaged in a style of politics he knows well. >> this is a tradition by the way that is very common in the united states at these town hall meetings. >> reporter: in front of a carefully selected audience and what sounded like carefully secretaried questions, he spoke about everything from the nobel peace price to his family. he did press on one point, which is access to the internet. >> i can tell you in the united states, the fact that we have free internet -- or unrestricted internet access is a source of strength. and i think should be encouraged. >> reporter: and there has been some openness about the president's visit here. newsper headlines trumpet h
and investor confidence. president obama celebrated halloween the same way many of you might have, greeting trick-or-treaters. 2,000 kids came to the white house with parents and president obama doled out dried fruit m & ms and butter cookies. michelle obama wore cat ears and a leopard patterned shirt. they later had a reception for military families in the white house. >>> two men arrested in windsor ontario yesterday morning. a two-year investigation by the fbi alleges they conspired to commit federal crimes. their arrest came days after a shootout with the fbi in detroit. the son of imam killed in the shooting was also arrested in windsor. >>> the number of kids dying from swine flu jumped this month. it killed 19 kids. at least 114 have died since spring. the government says children are at high risk for h1n1 and should get vaccinated. the advice has some parents divided. >> reporter: laura willington does what she can to keep her daughter healthy, but when it comes to the h1n1 vaccine. >> absolutely not. no. the risk is not worth it. >> reporter: laura has four child
in danger of foreclosure. the obama administration expected to announce a new initiative to put more pressure on mortgage lenders. converting trouble loans into new loans with lower payments, all part of the $75 billion program announced earlier in the year. >>> investigators aren't closer to getting answers in the car crash involving tiger woods. >> they're hoping to speak to woods and his wife today, they were hoping to speak to them yesterday and also the day before that. well, our susan candiotti is in windermere, florida, where investigators have been turned away hoping maybe the third time's the charm. >> reporter: t.j. and brianna, good morning. highway patrol troopers say they're as surprised as anyone else why they haven't been able to hook up yet with tiger woods and his wife to take a statement after that traffic accident. they call it very unusual. a cracked up front end of what's believed to be tiger woods' cadillac suv. accident photos provided anonymously to cnn affiliate wftv. the shots taken after police say the golfing phenom crashed into a fire hydrant at the end o
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